EM Residents Ultrasound Introduction Course

FL Hosp EM Ultrasound Curriculum:

The Goal of our porgram is to provide the knowledge, skill, and experience to perform focused ultrasound (US) examinations as outlined by the America College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) guidelines and to incorporate its uses in daily practice as a means to provide immediate information to improve patient care.


This will be accomplished by following a longitudinal three-year curriculum starting with this Introductory Course, followed by the Ultrasound Rotation during first year. The aim is to expose residents early in to EUS and provide dedicated time to incorporate US in to daily practice. During shifts, residents will have the opportunity to use learn skills in the clinical setting under supervision.  As a third year, ultrasound days will be assigned during the administration month and a dedicated Elective will be available if chosen by the resident.


Also, ONLINE resources have been developed to guide the resident during this process. 


Online Lecture Site

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First year residents (PGY-I)

Introductory Course: Emergency Medicine (EM) residents will begin their US experience during their first month of orientation, receiving a five-day comprehensive course covering all primary applications over a twenty (20) hour period. Didactic lectures and practical education will be included in the Florida Hospital SonographyLab at Florida Hospital College utilizing ultrasound simulation, phantoms, and student volunteers.

During the orientation month, one day each week (Thursday) will be dedicated for ultrasound education and training, from 1pm-5pm. Two forty-five (45) to sixty (60) minute lectures will be given per day followed by an hour of scanning after each presentation. This course will also cover ultrasound physics, instrumentation (Refer Table 1), and primary indications as outlined by ACEP guideline.

EUS General Indications & Requirements

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