Medical Student Clerkship

US Clerkship Structure

1. The majority of the rotation will take place at Florida Hospital East Orlando
Address: 7727 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32822
***In certain occasions, will ask the Medical Student (MS) to visit a different Campus, depending of the availability of the ultrasound fellowship trained physicians to ensure the best experience. 
2. The clerkship is scheduled M-F, from 8a-5p. Medical Students will have access to online modules, should be completed in the morning,  followed by patient scanning in the ED,  under Dr Tirado's supervision, ultrasound fellowship provider or credential physician. Scanning sessions will be coordinated with the medical student. 
**This clerkship is flexible, and If the medical student needs a day off (being interviews, meeting, or personal issues), the medical student will be ask to pay back the allotted time in an unscheduled day (being Saturday or Sunday). 
***Medical students will be excused from the rotation, if there are mandatory dates from the Medicine School. The MS will only need to provide the notification form the college to Katherine Bradford (FL Hosp EM Residency Coordinator) or Dr Tirado, EM Ultrasound Director. This dates will not require re-scheduling of time. 


3. Wednesday’s are literature  and scanning review. We will review images, cases and paper of the week (refer to objective #3). 
4. Thursdays- Medical students will be ask to attendEmergency Medicine Resident Equation Series or Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship education (depending on topics). Afternoons starting at 1p, MS will have  bedside teaching with Charlotte Henningsen, or substitute.
5. Friday's: Take Quizzes from applications discuss in the week. Go to the ACEP Ultrasound Core website, take test and then save results to submit for credit (Now in the FLoridaEMEdu LMS portal).  

Rotation objectives

1. Complete 75 scans.
Total of 75 scan 
FAST: 10 scans (2 Positives)
Aorta: 10 scans 
Ecocardiography/Cardiac: 10 scans (2 Positives)
Biliary/ Gallbladder: 10 scans (4 Positives)
Pelvic Ultrasound: 10 scans (2 Positives)
            Transabdominal Pelvic: 10 Required
Renal: 10 scans (2 Positives)
Ultrasound Guided Procedures: 5 scans
             Ultrasound Central Venous Access: 1 Required
Peripheral IV Access: 4 Required
Advanced Applications: 10 scans
            Deep Venous Thrombosis
            Testicular Ultrasound
2. Involvement in Ultrasound Administration duties: Machine Maintenance, Supplies, record keeping, video review, data management and QA process.
3. Literature review: Read core US papers, and do literature search on newer papers from the same subject to discuss a week apart.
4. Complete ACEP US core question from the web and need to pass with 70% (believe me they are really tough, I know since I helped develop them).
5. Normally we encounter interesting cases during our ultrasound scanning days.  The medical student will be asked to prepare and submit an ultrasound case in format of a presentation. 
        The case will use the following format: Presentation, V/S, Physical Findings, Imaging, Differential Diagnosis and     Diagnosis. The presentation can be done in Power Point or Keynote.  The Ultrasound Faculty will provide Feedback of the case will help obtain the images of the case.  The presentation will be given the last Thursday or Friday of the Clerkship.       


6. End of US Clerkship written and practical examination with patient, being evaluated on performance, knowledge, professionalism and clinical accuracy to evaluate ultrasound core competencies.

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